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The most automated

New York No-Fault arbitration

management software


MyArb is designed by and for arbitration professionals.

It is a tool that allows for simple, easy and fast handling of the entire arbitration process from case preparation to payments tracking.

Clean interface design provides only essential case data for easy analysis and decision making.

MyArb’s last name is Automation. We’ve made that computer work hard for you!  Result?  Two people armed with MyArb can do as much as five peoplewithout it.

Instantly generate AR1 from a template. Just enter basic case info and the software will fill the blanks with default settings, which you can twist as you like.

MyArb allows you to submit cases to AAA via email and CC them to the Respondent, automatically inserting the Case caption and basic case info in the subject line for easy identification and faster handling.

Initiation Letters and Hearing Notices imported from email relieving you from manual data entry. It creates events for hearings in your calendar too.

Bulk submission of Settlement offers upon initiation or with a delay.

Intelligent Search Engine finds a case by the very minimum info, like four last digits of AAA number.

Build in Settlement Calculator enables you to calculate settlement, interest and attorney’s fees amounts (even in multiple providers cases) instantaneously. Leading insurance companies adjusters working on the most sophisticated software and equipment whisper “Wow!” at this speed as we have all of the settlement terms numbers ready while they still working on them on their end.
MyArb includes a set of email templates for all occasions, and a template design tool that that can be used to create your own templates if needed.

Adjustors and Defense Contacts search function helps you find needed people in an instant.

Create variety of reports to track your success, improve your productivity and bill your clients, as well as track payments received, disbursements and your fees collections.

Auto archive allows you to archive multiple cases paid by your clients instantaneously, saving time and effort.

Automatic backup function increases security.

Detailed user manual.

FREE trial, lease or purchase option.

Responsive tech support.

MyArb is good for small or large attorney’s firms or doctor’s offices.

We can even import your existing cases to MyArb so you can continue work on your current  caseload with a new sophisticated software. Days of Natasha’s and Gosha’s programs are gone!



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